PebbleCrete was first used in swimming pools
more than 30 years ago.


PebbleCrete ®, PebbleGlass, and PebbleSupreme are aggregate-base finishes for the interior of swimming pools.

  • These products are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of being submerged in water for years at a time. The advantages of choosing these products are numerous.

Pebble Pools Thailand is the official distributor of PebbleCrete® worldwide

Pebble Pools Thailand is owned by the manufacturer of PebbleCrete® and we are the direct supplier for worldwide. We also install and manage PebbleCrete® Installations in Thailand and throughout Asia.

• We offer options ranging from full service remodels of swimming pools to selling PebbleCrete® in 25 kg bags Direct from the factory to you. Please see our photo gallery and our “start to finish” and video section.

• Pebble Pools Thailand has supplied and installed PebbleCrete® in swimming pools ranging from 60 m² to over 5000 m² in Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar and Cambodia with Vietnam, Philippines and China on the horizon

With PebbleCrete® from Pebble Pools Thailand, the product is sourced from around the world and goes through extensive cleaning and grading process and carries the U.S. registered trademark

• We use the purest white quartz aggregate in the world that is the base for all of our colors.
• This product is mined exclusively for us and is so strong, you can put it in pure strength Hydrochloric acid and it will not change the color or the characteristics of the product.
• in addition, we include our second-generation polymer admixture which is included when you purchase all PebbleCrete® products from us and was developed exclusively to combat the harsh and acidic swimming pool water typically found in Southeast Asia.

You can be assured that PebbleCrete® from Pebble Pools Thailand is the highest quality product that can possibly be made. We do not cut corners and each bag that we sell is handmade by us and comes with a five-year replacement warranty.


We work fast and we deliver on time all the time!